Sunday, November 25, 2012


Theatres are intimate.

No big screen to make you forget, dark but not dark enough. You can be absorbed in the performance, yet conscious of your neighbour's mirth at the same time.

And there is unity in frequent applause.

I watched Wicked last night. The Apollo Victoria was green on the outside, red on the inside. After collecting my ticket and being told to have a nice evening, I settled into my plush seat at the very back of the dress circle, complete with a pair of binoculars-for-hire for £1 (I did not get my coin back, thieves). The next three hours were spent laughing with G(a)linda, being inspired by Elphaba, and admiring the sheer genius of the cast and the spectacular stage. They came down in bubbles, they flew up in swirls of black, they roared with robotic lion machines, monkeys had wings. They made up words ("confusified", "hideodious", "congratulotions!"). A standing ovation.

And I listened to Louise Dearman's "Defying Gravity" about 20 times on repeat.

Oz was fun.


ishmeet said...

I've never been to theatre. This makes me want to go to theatre.

And I don't like the fact that I now have to type something in a text box to prove that I'm not a robot. Bleh.

wild iris said...

It was quite awesome!
Oh I didn't realise it makes you do that! I'd put it in when I was getting a lot of spam...

ishmeet said...

Spam is the robot world equivalent of praise, you know? It's like that computer coming to you and asking you if you would make fraandsheeps with it. Not a bad thing at all. :P

sahil said...

Oh, I've heard Wicked is quite wonderful! It came to Singapore too, and some of my friends went for it.

And yes, watching plays is fun. Though if the second and third sentences in your post are a comparison with movies, I have to say I disagree; I'm always aware of "my neighbour's mirth" while watching movies too. And of late, people have begun to clap during good scenes in movies too.

wild iris said...

I loved it, and the fact that it's sort of an offshoot of the Wizard of Oz made it even more quirky!

I'm aware of my neighbour's reaction in a movie theatre too, but it's easier to be absorbed by the movie somehow, while in the theatre it feels like one big party! You can see most of the audience. Or maybe I just don't go to the movies enough...people do clap in movies sometimes, but here there is a pause after each song/act and you're *supposed* to clap, and of course the actors take it as a compliment (or criticism, I suppose).