Sunday, March 24, 2013

Writing Update

Some other places where you can find my work:

Last November, I reported for the South Asian Literature Festival in London. They seem to have lost steam after publishing a few pieces though. Here's my profile, with links to articles on the events Brown Kids Can't Jump and Still Lives and Literature. Since the other two events I covered were actually more interesting, I'll share the pieces on this blog soon.

I also did a short travel-tips piece for Little Black Book, Delhi. Here's an excerpt:

"Instead of GPS, get a paper map | It’s more personal, and each city has a unique style of maps they hand out to tourists. In Bruges and Vienna, for example, I was given maps made by locals, with fun illustrations and lots of tips, favourite hangouts and pet peeves. Moreover, a paper map is not infallible: it will sometimes baffle you, and you will then talk to locals or fellow travellers."

You can read the complete piece here.

A week ago, I launched Bricolage, an online arts and culture magazine I've been working on for the last month or so, and plotting for considerably longer. I did an interview with Athens-based soprano Sophie Tsiknia for it. Here's an excerpt:

"Apart from technique, what else do you focus on when performing – or critiquing a performance?
Singing and interpretation is built step by step. You fix some technical things and then you have to focus on interpretation. Sometimes when you focus on interpretation, some technical things are neglected, and this is when you have to go back to technique, fix the problem that has emerged and focus on interpretation again. I guess you understand now why a performance is never perfect. One performance is never the same as the previous one, and it shouldn’t be. The artist must grow performance after performance. Becoming better should be the goal, and this is also your duty as an artist; perfection should never be a goal in art. This is what I learnt from my first performances."

Read the entire interview here.

(Bricolage is open for submissions.)