Thursday, June 6, 2013

Writing/Editing Updates

A new article at The Culture Trip about literary things to do in and around London.
If you have lived in London long enough, you can see the legacy left by Shakespeare, Dickens and Woolf; you can visit the famed 221b Baker Street and Platform 9 ¾; and you can almost see Clarissa Dalloway buying flowers. Below are a few of the best and most iconic literary pastimes and haunts, including places like Oxford and Canterbury that are an easy distance from London, all tailored for the budget traveller.
Read the full article here.


The latest issue of The Unfamiliar, the anthropology journal of the University of Edinburgh, which I helped edit, is out now. The theme for this issue is "Accessing Knowledge" and the papers engage with it in diverse and interesting ways. Read it here.


I also interviewed my best friend about dance and Bharatanatyam for Bricolage Magazine. Excerpt:
As a choreographer, from where do you draw inspiration? 
I like to draw inspiration from my own personal experiences, whenever possible. It is easy to tap into one's own memories where themes like friendship, love, compassion, fear, wonder and sorrow are concerned. It makes the process of emoting natural, both for me and to be able to connect with the audience. But there is such a plethora of emotions that one encounters in various compositions, that it is nearly impossible for one person (especially someone as young as me!) to have experienced all that. Feelings of motherhood, for example, or being scorned by a lover, are therefore harder to depict. For such cases, I observe those around me and empathise with them, or use my imagination to figure out how I would react in such situations.
Read the full interview here.


And, most exciting of all, the first issue of Bricolage Magazine is now out, designed by yours truly! Tell us what you think!

If you can't see the embedded version above, click here.

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