Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prague's Golden Lane

(The ninth instalment of the Backpacking with a Suitcase series, in which I document my travels across Europe in July 2012. Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

House 12 - Josef Kazda
One of my favourite places in Prague was the Golden Lane at Prague Castle. I did some research on it and wrote a short feature on what I saw and found out for The Culture Trip:

Located in the Prague Castle complex, this quaint lane traces its origins back to the 16th century. It is lined with rows of picturesque, colourful houses on either side, which were occupied until the 1950s, and then used mostly as souvenir shops. Though opinions about this narrow cobbled lane vary, with some considering it charming while others deeming it a tourist trap, the Golden Lane (or Zlatá ulička, as it is locally known) has undergone quite a reconstruction.

Read the entire article here.


» sahil said...

Where is this? What is this? Did I see this? I don't remember seeing this!

wild iris said...

Read the article? I don't think you did though..

little boxes said...

:| i love this vicarious traveling- so lovely and yet so so sad because it's only vicarious :(

wild iris said...

Aw, well, for me too now, if that helps. Let's take a trip in 2014?